Wet Painting Booths and Applications

Wet Painting Booths can be in various types, such as Water-Curtain Type, Dry Filtered Type, Positive Pressured Type and Dipping Type.

Main purpose of the wet painting applications are providing a clean and dust-free application; being applied in an air conditioned environment and avoiding the hazardous materials, vaporized solvents, etc. to be exhausted into the atmosphere.

Application Areas;

* Aviation Sector: Plane maintanence and repair . ( Engine, composite body, and similar applications.)

* Automative Sector: Car body, Car trim (Apron, main console etc.) and outside (rim covers, bumpers, mirrors etc.) parts painting.

* Machine Production: Machine bodies and equipments painting

* Household appliances: Washing machine, Fridge, Air conditioner plastic parts.

* Electronics: Television, DVD, Computers, Remote controllers, small home appliances, and painting of similar products.

* Construction: Steel construction parts painting.

* Decorative Glass Painting: Glass, Vaze, Plate, Mirror And Flat Glass painting

* Furniture and Wood Parts Painting: Doors, Windows, TV table, and similar wooden products painting.